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Kids Pirate Storage Box & Seat


A fun and colourful way to keep your kids room organised and tidy, the children's Pirate storage box, which can double up as a seat, provides a playful everyday useful furniture piece for their room. The sturdy seat is made from durable MDF and features a blue polyester covering ensuring the storage box is strong enough for the daily rigours of playtime. The colourful design features a cheeky pirate, ship on the sea and skull and crossbones, which further accentuates the seats cheerful style. A soft padded seat is comfortable to sit on, while the back rest will give your child proper support when seated. Simply lift up the seat to reveal ample storage space for toys, books and games. A wonderfully designed piece of furniture for the kids room, the storage box/seat will provide character and a stylish way to keep an organised and tidy room.